Interim Management and Consultancy Services for Consumer Health & Animal Health companies

Pharma Results is a full service consultancy company specialized in supporting consumer health and animal health companies in optimizing their current and future business.

Since 2008 we support manufacturers and retailers in regulatory, commercial and BD&L projects. Our core competencies are OTC switches and building Fact Based Business plans for established companies and Business Startup’s.

With our group of flexible and experienced consultants we can provide ad-hoc and long term support. Our integrated commercial and regulatory approach makes us unique in the marketplace. Therefore we deliver to our customers stronger consumer- or patient value propositions, that makes them more successful in the marketplace.

Rx to OTC Switches:

A healthy OTC pipeline is in most cases depending on the ability to perform succesfull Rx to OTC switches. Pharma Results helped many companies to assess switch opportunities, innitiate and manage the technical elements (registration dossier) and prepare the commercial market introduction.

Our consultants worked on switches and introductions like: Lamisil, Voltaren, Benzac, Viagra, Actinica Lotion, Nicorette, Daktarin, etc.

Advertising & Promotion:

In the highly regulated environment of the Pharmaceutical business arena, Advertising and Promotion are extremely important business driver.

The team of Pharma Results has extended experience in developing a relevant and appealing consumer proposition, claims optimization and media selection and planning. We also have a deep understanding on all legal and regulatory elements which are applicable for the Benelux market.

Fact Based Business:

At Pharma Results we believe that successful companies are managed based on facts instead of gut feeling. We have helped many companies to get back on track, speed up growth and to strengthen their position in the market based on a deep understanding of the business environment. Pharma Results has developed a three stage process in which the current situation is analyzed, strategic options are developed and implementation tactics are planned. Our team works in close cooperation with the directors and managers of the client company, to ensure optimal buy-in and efficient transfer of knowledge to ensure sustainable results. Read client reviews.

Brand Potential Monitor:

Forecasting business success is one of the most important but also difficult processes in business development. Pharma Results has developed processes and modelling tools such a the “Brand Potential Monitor” which allows retailers and manufacturers to quickly assess market potentials and to define the best options how to commercialize their brands successfully. In the last eight years many large- and midsize pharma companies have successfully used our models and the predictive power has been proven in the marketplace. Read more…

Business Development:

Is your company interested in launching products in the Netherlands! Pharma Results can support you in building the business case and create the optimal Route to Market. Our team can provide all regulatory expertise and can connect your company to distributors or retailers.

Interested in our services or tools! Please contact us for a one hour “Free Consultation“.



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